easy adaptation for customer requirements
Its intelligent construction allows easy integration into environments of all kinds, according to the customer needs. The unique Application Interface Board provides pre-defined inter-faces, and a possibility of customer-specified interfaces. TheVacon 10 Machinery is specifically suited to the needs of machine builders.Vacon’s new drive is one of the smallest drives in the market today. The size of the drive saves valuable installation space and fi ts into the smallest of places. Despite the small size, the drive is packed with features such as integrated EMC filters,intelligent navigation and a flexible customer interface. Furthermore, the design of the drive makes it possible for the cus-tomer to specify their own interfaces if necessary.
The Vacon 10 Machinery is suited to the machine builders particularly due to its flexible interface it will satisfy a wide variety of needs with few modifications. The drive will also take its place as an all-round general drive when equipped with the Vacon standard interfaces,which offers e.g. Modbus communication as standard.The Vacon 10 Machinery is an extremely compact AC drive for machine builders in the power range from 0.25 kW to 5.5 kW.
The Vacon 10 Machinery offers ultimate flexibility in integrating the customer requirements into the AC drive.